Renaissance Man

[This is a DIY music video, and about as close as I ever get to contemporary social commentary. It was written and recorded four years ago. I apologize for the clumsiness of the video imagery, none of which I own rights to.

It’s genesis was in two parts: (1) receipt of an audio sampling library, from which the song was constructed; and (2) being appalled at the hubris of what might be called “the consultant class” in this country, who claim to have answers for everything ailing society, but who are notable in their own lives only for the ability to accumulate personal wealth.

Playing this song for a friend, she saw applicability in the lyrics beyond my original intention; perhaps you may, as well. – S.B.]


Now Professor Hegel, you know everything,
Time to build that smarter planet –
This world’s run by cluttered and chaotic minds;
Wouldn’t be so if you ran it

Oh — you’re the wonder of our times –
You’re so magnificent – sublime —

Finding ways to dive in where the learning’s deep,
All that analytic splendor —
We send you all our money, and you find our souls:
Castiglonian mega-spender

Hey — Renaissance Man —

You’re a taker, you’re a shaker,
You’re a modern rainmaker,
And you’ve magic in that head —
You’re abusive, but elusive,
Such a solid gold exclusive,
You’ve got needs that must be fed —

Hey, hey — Renaissance Man —


You’re a shaker, you’re a mover,
You’re a modern day improver,
And we know just what you’ll do —
You’ll return home like a pigeon,
With your ego your religion:
Less of us, way more of you —



Author: Sibelius Russell

Sibelius Russell (a/k/a/ Owen "Beleaguered" Servant) lives a life of whimsical servitude -- whatever that means.

14 thoughts on “Renaissance Man”

              1. It’s such a gift, SB. One to be admired. I am just blessed by the talent that surrounds me. I promised myself that I will not let it go unappreciated anymore. Thank you for sharing.

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