Food for Thought

I read an article online about the 20 worst foods for you, and I saw (unsurprisingly) that I eat or drink most of things on the list, including diet drinks — both sodas and energy drinks.

One of the things about the list that I found most interesting, however, was that alcohol is no longer bad for me. I would have thought (for instance) that drinking a gallon of, say, Everclear would be worse for me than two 2-liter Diet Pepsis; apparently not, though.

I know that hardly a week goes by in this city that someone doesn’t have one Fresca too many and wrap their car around a telephone pole.

High fructose corn syrup and sugar apparently have lost whatever harmful effects they had, too. As it happens, I like to minimize my sugar intake for mood-related reasons; conditions like that and diabetes apparently aren’t real things now, either, according to health food “experts”.

If you have lived as long as I have, it appears the cycle works as follows:

  1. “Experts” complain about the baneful effects of some food.
  2. “Companies” produce food made with some other substance, instead.
  3. People flock to use this new food, having been convinced by the “Experts” that what they were eating in prior times was the most poisonous substance known to humankind.
  4. “Experts” change their mind, and decide the new thing is the worst thing ever. This becomes the new step A), and the process repeats to infinity.

The city I live in is home (or the original home) to a number of famous or semi-famous name brand foods; the people who I know from these companies are interested in providing foods

  • that people like;
  • that people can afford; and
  • that are reasonably nutritious.

From a mass production standpoint, however, these three things tend to pull in different directions.

  1. There’s quite a bit of food out there that is delicious, nutritious, and unaffordable.
  2. There’s a considerable amount of food out there that is affordable, tastes good, and is not that nutritious.
  3. There’s also affordable food that is good for you, but that few people find enjoyable. Like beets.

Parents tend to feed their kids food from each of the last two categories: vegetables and other things kids may not like the taste of, along with just enough of what they enjoy to balance out nutritional goals and having some enjoyment at mealtimes. That is what real parents do (and have done) everyday, in the real world.

Nutritional experts, however, like to encourage people to use category 1, or sometimes, an even less popular category 4, where the food is unaffordable, nutritious, and tastes horrible.

Every so often, nutritional “experts” try their new to them (old to us) theories out on school districts. They find, to their surprise, that kids will go hungry for a meal rather than eat food they don’t like. These experiments typically end when they realize the food is ending up in garbage cans.

Go figure.

Like most other things in life, balance turns out to be key in making choices that are both wise and sustainable. I am saying this as a person who has lived an unbalanced life along any number of dimensions. Which sucks, by the way.

I put the “20 Worst Foods” article aside, wondering: will wars soon be fought where opposing sides drop aspartame on each other?

Revenge is supposed to be sweet, after all.

Author: Sibelius Russell

Sibelius Russell (a/k/a/ Owen "Beleaguered" Servant) lives a life of whimsical servitude -- whatever that means.

18 thoughts on “Food for Thought”

  1. wrote on balance too? Oh dear..paranoid me thinks I’m getting a message from the Universe to try and balance my life..again!
    I totally agree with the food thing. Now it seems the experts are saying that cholestrol really isn’t a risk factor for a heart attack and there really isn’t a need to blood thinners…or something like that. I’m in the medical field and I can’t keep up!

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      1. I feel you..I really do. Every.time. I have a reading…just the ONE need to balance! Ugh..I got so frustrated that I fought with God and everyone else and told them to “GO, Fly Uncle Charlie’s Kite, themselves”. Hehe. Then, I calmed down and decided I was being silly..and the journey continues….

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  2. LOL YOU are a Gemini too.
    And incidentally beets can be good: I once had them in a restaurant on Sherbrook Street in Montreal(can’t remember its name). They were served as a sweet-sour sauce on top of salmon on top of mashed sweet potatoes. The combination was perfect.

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  3. Maybe now is a bad time to mention I ate a bag of Frito scoops and a jar of Salsa Con Queso dip over the past two days… 😦 Today I will make the conscious decision to eat healthier. For today at least… 😦

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  4. I just got BoyGenius to try beets two days ago. He managed one bite before shaking his head. I quite enjoy them. I am amazed that he actually swallowed that one bite. Baby steps perhaps, but a great leap forward from age 12 (last year) when he would have just spit it back onto his plate.

    I find it odd how many “experts” still try to make me/you/us all believe that the “good for you” food can be purchased cheaply.

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  5. I am waiting for the day that they say truffles are good for you. I know they will mean the fungus, but I’ll just pretend they mean the chocolate kind and I’ll have them three times a day.

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  6. Excellent post. Now my brain is reeling thinking about future food wars and dystopian nightmare scenarios where people are zombified or have to fight gladiatorial style to enjoy the last sugar cube or packet of sweetener. Much more food for thought than I originally thought.

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