For those of you unfamiliar or newly familiar with my work, I am primarily a poet.  While writing, I occasionally write lines that don’t seem to go with the piece being written, but that I like for whatever reason, and set aside for future use.

Below is a collection of such lines; they have been on the poetic shelf for so long, I’m pretty sure no poem is going to walk in and claim them. Ergo, the following “throwaways”.

I love the world of politics, because

I’d grown weary of more traditional clown makeup

What we don’t understand

We tend to despise;

Yet what we truly we despise

We feel we fully understand

love is a beautiful morning;
those who miss it
are very possibly
overly concerned
with bed

… the bullying boots of pseudo-morality,
raining down kicks from the high ground.

she’s always kissing shadows;

it is as if to say,

the only thing left real is her

so it’s the only way

the nation’s one truly
renewable resource

I never understood girls.

At all.

we’ve replaced boredom with anxiety

moving back one letter, alphabetically

Yes, I make music few will want to hear,
And I pen poems few will want to read;
But I decided, when I was quite small,
To keep on playing, even when no one was watching.

He was considered “quite a catch”

And yet, she threw him back.

hey, friend,
fall in love with this mailbox
and see if it loves you back

She got the House of Commons:

She’d wanted the House of Lords

I could never be handsome, but
I could still be honorable

Humans: treat humans like humans