In Search of Fear

This mist is thick, the hours pass,

Don’t know if it is dusk or dawn;

I must face fear to pass on through,

And so I travel on


A life must be lived forward; but,

It’s hard, this never looking back –

I know the thing I dread the most

Is somewhere on this track


What isn’t there is haunting me,

The false becomes the true —

I must face fear to pass on through,

But pass through, I

Will do

False Dilemma

False Dilemma

Dilemmas – many that we face are false:
That some two choices are all that there are –
There’s more than just the tango or the waltz;
And places we can go twixt home and bar —

But still we paint our scenes in black-and-white.
We say the world is that or it is this –
That it must end, or end up in a kiss,
That it’s unknown, or something within sight —

So love is covered over in a glaze
Of words and concepts that we set ablaze,
And passion dies in ways we do not know
Because we limit where all it might go.

The world is myriad, and love is more
Than labels can contain, or choices store

The Popular Girl

One day, I met the popular girl.
I’ve sure you’ve met her, too;
The guys line up to see in her in
A sort of endless queue

But she has female friends as well.
She has them round for tea:
I wasn’t sure just why
The popular girl would talk to me

But talk to me to sometimes did.
The whole thing never gibed —
For wildly unpopular
Is how I’m best described

But there’s no more than what I’ve said.
It’s really no big deal:
It just strikes me as odd, or
Maybe even, well, surreal

One day, I met the popular girl,
And now we’re (sort of) friends;
And that’s about the whole of it.
So here, the poem ends

Down Selhurst Lane

My uncle lived down Selhurst Lane,
A crystal palace of a farm;
But then he died when I was young,
And they all moved away

I still recall his booming laugh –
The Aqua Velva that he wore –
But then he died when I was young,
And never saw the day

His daughter wed, and had a boy,
His wife sold her first painting, and
The corn came up in that back field
That he had plowed – again —

The snow lays cold down Selhurst Lane,
And memory fades like echoes die,
Like muffled footsteps in the snow
Of long-forgotten men

Like muffled footsteps in the snow
Of long-forgotten men

The Limits

I don’t know why we passed the limits.
Both of us knew better –
But starting, we just couldn’t stop,
We could not leave off trying

For she was freedom’s soul unleashed,
She wore no chain or fetter –
In fact, she wore no thing at all,
And I would just be lying

If I said I was overcome,
Instead of overjoyed;
But yes, I saw the danger there –
The trap I should avoid —

I do know why I passed the limits.
She showed me the edge —
And I was going to jump, the day
She met me
On the ledge

Assembled Mercies

A song upon a country road
Of hearts gone wrong but love gone right;
Assembled mercies we’ll unload
When we get home tonight.

A tune the autumn sunset sings
Of where we’ll be and what has passed;
Assembled mercies we will know
When we get home at last.

I touch you in sometimes night,
And you return the touch –
The sacred unexplainable
That always means so much —

A long drive almost ended, neath
At sky of silver monochrome:
Assembled mercies, everywhere,
And we are headed home —

The long, long days of travel done,
There’s no more need to roam:
Assembled mercies, everywhere,
And we are headed home

And we are headed home

And we
Are headed